Paladin DesignBase®

September 1, 2021. We are pleased to announce that EasyPower has reached a deal to acquire the Paladin DesignBase, Paladin Live, and other software products from Power Analytics Global. Effective immediately, EasyPower will provide sales and support of these products. The acquisition includes the following software products, as well as the intellectual property and patents associated with these products: Paladin DesignBase, Paladin Power Digital Twin™, Paladin Live™, Paladin Microgrid Power Management Systems™, and DCSDM™. Visit our information page on the subject for more details.

Paladin® DesignBase™ is a comprehensive power systems simulation platform for modeling, analyzing and optimizing power system performance. Regardless of the complexity of your electrical infrastructure, Paladin DesignBase provides the technological richness to perfect your infrastructure for superior system performance.

Power Analysis Features

Paladin DesignBase includes a family of 42 design and simulation features including:

Engineering Productivity Features

Paladin DesignBase offers users an unparalleled range of features and functions designed to increase their engineering capabilities, without adding technical complexity:

DesignBase Hyperlink Feature

This feature allows Paladin DesignBase users to connect any Windows-based application to their Paladin DesignBase project, including any website. This is a powerful feature that allows users to organize their Paladin DesignBase projects – stored in a single project database – as multiple page or multiple drawings project. For a given project, the hyperlink feature is a search, find, open the drawing model and locate the network component on the drawing.

Key Benefits:

Data Structure Analyzer

This is a powerful function that automatically checks the drawings components and their database. This feature allows the user to fix either the model components layout or the project data base against the displayed components.

Key Benefits:

Automatic Error Checking

A state of the art function that allows the user to automatically check the network connectivity and voltage consistency. The feature automatically detects any network connectivity inconsistency and fixes it.

Key Benefits:

Tutorial Videos

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