SmartPDC™ Features

User-Definable Rules for:

  • Protective device setting tolerances between protective boundaries, such as locked rotor amperes, transformer inrush, mechanical damage curves, etc.
  • Protective device setting tolerances for full-load amperes and instantaneous let-through currents
  • Setting protective devices with no data or insufficient data
  • Setting precision and tolerances
  • Coordinating phase, ground, or all devices
  • Transformer, line, load, motor, fuse, and relay protection

User-Friendly Shadow Curves

  • Compare original vs. suggested setting for at-a-glance analysis
  • Undo goes back to original setting to eliminate any chance of error

Programmed Rules for:

  • NEC protection requirements
  • ANSI protection requirements
  • Industry-standard protection practices for low-voltage feeders, switchboards, panels, and transformers
  • Industry-standard protection practices for high-voltage feeders and transformers

Detailed Reports

  • Automatically generated, tabular HTML reports itemize protection devices with setting options and the selected setting for each
  • One click exports to Excel, Word, Open Office, and more
  • Verification of NEC and ANSI compliance
  • The engineering rationale for each device setting or adjustment
  • Color-coded errors alerting you to system problems, code violations, improper devices, improper protection, lack of setting range, and more.

You can purchase SmartPDC as an option for a new EasyPower configuration or as an upgrade to an existing one.

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